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A range of procedures conducted with the utmost care and efficiency, and staff committed to delivering the very best in patient care.


Day Surgery

St George's Day Surgery welcomes you as a patient. Staff will do everything they can to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. The length of stay will depend upon the operative procedure and the type of anaesthesia. You will need to allow approximately half a day, but your surgeon can provide further guidance.

For your safety and wellbeing St George’s Hospital is a smokefree environment.

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  • Your surgeon or physician will make the necessary arrangements for your admission to St George's 
  • You will be given an Admission Form to complete – please submit the form at least three days before so that your booking requirements can be processed
  • Please follow your surgeon's instructions in reference to eating prior to surgery. If, for example, your surgeon states "nil by mouth from 8am" it is important that you do not eat or drink after 8am on the day of your procedure 
  • The surgeon and anaesthetist will see you prior to your surgery/procedure commencing
  • Cardiology Day Unit patients please refer to the patient information in your Admission Folder

Preparing for your surgery

  • Please phone Day Surgery on 03 375 6010 after 8am on the day before your surgery/procedure for your admission time
  • For surgery on a Monday please phone on the Friday prior
  • If you are a smoker it is advisable not to smoke for at least 24 hours
  • Please bath or shower the morning of your procedure/operation 
  • If you think you may pregnant, you must inform your surgeon, anaesthetist and Day Surgery staff
  • If you develop a cold, sore throat, or other illness between seeing your surgeon and coming to Day Surgery, please contact your surgeon for advice
  • Children must be observed to ensure that they do not eat for six hours before their arrival at Day Surgery. Before this they should have clear fluids or water that can be taken up to four hours before surgery but check with Reception

What to bring

  • Please do not bring any valuables or money into the hospital. St George's cannot accept responsibility for loss of personal property
  • A printed list of current medications from either your GP or Pharmacy. This is now a mandatory requirement (you can attach the list to your admission form, fax to us or bring it with you) 
  • Your current medication/s in the original packaging 
  • Any alternative, non prescription, herbal, or Rongoa Maori medications you are taking 
  • Unless otherwise advised by your surgeon or anaesthetist DO NOT take any Anticoagulants (Warfarin/ Heparinoids) Anti-inflammatory drugs including Aspirin, Diuretcis (fluid pills)
  • Bring glasses, lenses, hearing aids, or dentures if applicable
  • Please dress comfortably and casually in loose fitting clothing 
  • Gowns are provided for your procedure
  • Wear as little make-up as possible
  • Children should bring pyjamas and a favourite toy


After your operation you will be taken to the recovery room. When you are fully awake and comfortable, you will change back into your own clothes and relax in the post recovery lounge, prior to your discharge home. Once ready for discharge a staff member will assist you to contact the person you have nominated to collect you and take you home

Your nurse will discuss with you:

  • Written instructions on what to do after your operation
  • Your medications and/or prescription
  • An appointment to see your surgeon/physician
  • An adult to accompany you home and someone who will stay with you for the first night following your operation/procedure

Please note that for the first 24 hours after your anaesthetic you must NOT:

  • Drive a motor vehicle
  • Operate machinery
  • Eat a heavy meal
  • Drink alcohol or take sleeping pills

Insurance and explanation of charges

St George's Hospital accepts all medical insurances including those covered by Southern Cross. St George's Hospital is also a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider. It is possible in most cases to obtain prior approval for your hospitalisation from your insurance company. This enables them to pay the service providers directly rather than you paying first and having to claim a refund

Depending on how your operation/ procedure is being funded you may receive separate invoices from:

    • The hospital
    • Your surgeon
    • Your anaesthetist – if applicable

Invoices are payable by Internet banking, EFTPOS, cheques, Visa and Mastercard are all accepted

Car parking

  • Short-stay parking is available for those accompanying patients to Day Surgery. Remember, patients are not permitted to drive a vehicle post-operatively
  • Parking is available for all visitors on-site from the Heaton St entrance
  • Car park building (entrance off Heaton St) open Mondays to Fridays only
  • Parking charges $1.30 per half hour 
  • NO charge if you exit with 30 minutes

Contact us

133 Leinster Road, Strowan, Chrstchurch 8014
Private Bag 4737, Christchurch 8140

T: 03 375 6010
F: 03 375 6343

Information Sheet

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