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Another healthcare innovation at St George's Hospital

March 2014

St George’s Hospital is one of the first in New Zealand to install a new generation, all-digital surgical video system – using similar technology to Disney Pixar animators and the US military.

Called Black Diamond Video, the integrated technology will allow surgeons to stream live footage for teaching purposes, conferencing and collegial support. While in theatre surgeons can consult in real time with colleagues down the hallway or experts across the country.

The point of difference with Black Diamond Video is its ability to stream the footage to any device – including mobile phones, tablets and computers. This will enable the system to be more flexible and used more readily, as opposed to just a one-off, major conferencing event.

The high-definition video system also maximises the amount of detail that a surgeon can see, ultimately benefiting the patient through improved clinical outcomes. Simultaneous access to multiple sources of imagery, such as patient scans, x-rays and other medical data, is available with the touch of a button, providing a more comprehensive picture.

The technology has been installed in a new, purpose-built theatre at St George’s Hospital.

Operating Theatre Manager at St George’s, Ali Perry, says the new technology is an exciting advancement for the hospital.

“It is an intuitive system that provides routing of real time imaging, allowing all people involved in patient care to see what the surgeon is doing and therefore improving the ability to anticipate surgical requirements.

“The ability to permanently store digital images to assist patient understanding, or provide a reference point for other clinicians who may need to be involved in later patient care is particularly valuable.

“The display technology also provides the most accurate, highest resolution surgical video which is particularly important for image-guided procedures. It is about providing the surgeon with the tools to make the right decision at the right time, ultimately leading to superior clinical outcomes.”

Patient privacy is protected with a powerful anonymisation feature that blacks out patient information on videos and images. All data is held securely within a remote server that does not allow external access without authorisation.


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