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Cataract patients enjoy excellent outcomes and comfortable treatment

April 2019

Debbie Fawdray, Charlotte Tucker, Dr Paul Baddeley, Dr Oliver Comyn, Di Prankerd, Jan McLay, Courtney Hobson

Debbie Fawdray (Booking Coordinator/Receptionist), Charlotte Tucker (Ophthalmic Nurse), Dr Paul Baddeley (Clinical Director / Consultant) , Dr Oliver Comyn (Consultant) , Di Prankerd (Booking Coordinator/Receptionist), Jan McLay (Ophthalmic Technician), Courtney Hobson (Ophthalmic Technician)

A recent survey of 50 consecutive cataract patients at St George’s Eye Care, who had undergone surgery with anaesthetic eye drops, showed that 88 percent reported extremely low levels of pain.

When asked to rate their pain on a scale of zero to 10, with 10 being the most painful and zero being no pain at all, these patients provided pain scores of either zero or one.

Dr Paul Baddeley, Clinical Director at St George’s Eye Care, says he is delighted with the survey results. “What was even more satisfying was hearing a large number of patients say they felt ‘no pain whatsoever”.

St George’s Eye Care opened its doors in Christchurch over three years ago, in September 2015. Dr Baddeley joined the team in July 2016, bringing extensive experience in cataract surgery. He has completed over 4000 cataract procedures, including 3000 procedures with local anaesthetic drops.

Every patient is provided a full range of anaesthetic care options at the centre, including topical anaesthesia (eye drops),sub-tenon’s block (injection around the eye), sedation or general anaesthesia.

“When our patients are given a choice, 98% will opt for eye drops as anaesthesia.  As the results from our review and scientific studies show, this is a relatively painless procedure for most patients,” Dr Baddeley says.

Topical surgery with anaesthetic eye drops offers significant advantages for the patient, including less post-operative pain and usually a white eye afterwards.

St George’s Eye Care has established itself as a trusted provider of eye care for patients in Canterbury and across the South Island. The team provides a wide range of care to all its patients and has recently appointed ophthalmologist Dr Oliver Comyn, a vitreoretinal surgery specialist.

The centre is now able to cover an even wider range of medical care including vitreoretinal surgery, medical retina conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and oculoplastic surgery.


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