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Expectant women and midwives enjoy the benefits of onsite antenatal rooms

April 2019

Midwife Davinia Harrison, Charge Midwife Andrea Robinson, Muhammad Umar Nawaz Babar, Tayyaba Latif and baby Zahra.

Midwife Davinia Harrison, Charge Midwife Andrea Robinson, Muhammad Umar Nawaz Babar, Tayyaba Latif and baby Zahra.

Using St George’s Maternity Care’s antenatal rooms was an easy decision for midwife Davinia Harrison, who has been using the facilities since the rooms became available in February 2018.

“I’m now able to show women the benefits of birthing at a community unit first hand, which is a fantastic opportunity to have,” Davinia says.

The antenatal rooms, which are in the Maternity Centre on the second floor of St George’s Hospital, have made life easier for expectant women and their families.

“Women who attend antenatal appointments at the hospital have the opportunity to become comfortable with the environment, and the feedback I receive indicates that these familiar surroundings feel more welcoming and can reduce stress levels,” Davinia explains.

Having her antenatal visits at the St George’s rooms meant that Tayyaba and her family knew where to go and there were no surprises on the day of baby Zahra’s birth.

Tayyaba choose to give birth at St George’s Maternity Centre after discussions with her midwife Davinia, as she wanted to birth in a family-centred environment without the pressure of moving to another location directly after the birth.

Tayyaba was very pleased with the care she received, enjoying the calm environment, wonderful support, delicious food and a single room with an ensuite.

“The midwives were great and were welcoming and caring. They make you feel special and were happy to help any time, day or night. I was well taken care of,” she says.

The food was a highlight for Tayyaba: “It was very tasty and there was a wide range of meal options, snacks and tea.”

Onsite antenatal rooms are also beneficial to midwives, says Davinia.

“Using these rooms has made my life much easier. I promote primary birthing so having access to the facilities at St George’s Maternity really fits with my philosophy as a midwife,” she says.

St George’s Maternity Centre Charge Midwife Andrea Robinson is happy to see the initiative being well received in the community.

“With more women visiting St George’s Maternity Centre prior to their child’s birth, they can further understand the benefits of birthing at a community centre,” Andrea says.

“We are always looking for ways that we can continue to support women and Lead Maternity Careers. We provide women-centred care in a warm, safe and inviting atmosphere for antenatal visits, births and post-natal transfers, at no cost to mothers. The Maternity Centre is also centrally located and has easy to access parking for women and their families.”

St George’s Hospital has been providing maternity care for nearly 90 years. The Maternity Centre is located on Papanui Road and access to their caring and professional service is free of charge.


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