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St George’s Hospital partners with Vitro Software to design a customised patient Digital Medical Record system.

November 2018


St George's Hospital

St George’s Hospital contacted Vitro Software in August 2017 to initiate their goal of creating a digitised medical record system to replace their current paper based processes and forms. For the hospital’s clinical teams, this means they will soon be able to manage their patient medical records via a digital device, from anywhere within the hospital, in real time, via a single clinical portal.

St George’s Hospital will begin implementing Vitro immediately starting with ward patient records with rollout completion scheduled within 12 months. Chief Executive Officer Greg Brooks believes the new tailor made system will provide the capabilities required whilst also being flexible and time efficient. “St George’s Hospital requires a product that converts our current paper information into a digital form to facilitate and support efficient clinical decision making for our surgeon and nursing stakeholders, without introducing additional workflow obligations. ”Mr Brooks believes the Vitro system will be simple to navigate whilst providing an elegant and nimble solution that can be implemented seamlessly. “We are aiming to introduce this system with minimal disruption, ensuring we respect the clinical and nursing team’s time”, Mr Brooks says.

Vitro Software provides a revolutionary digital solution that enables organisations to move from paper processes to digital processes quickly and efficiently. The process allows clients to retain the original look and feel of their paper records while incorporating complex processes and workflows into the digital solution.

In addition to the information captured and managed within Vitro, it also provides a complete digital patient chart for each patient, by linking with other pre-existing electronic systems such as the patient administration system and specialised healthcare systems. This reduces duplication of information and helps support St George’s journey to minimise paper medical records.

Vitro Software ANZ CEO, Jeff Smoot, says “We are very much looking forward to delivering a range of benefits for both patients and clinicians at St George’s Hospital, including improving clinical access to patient information, excellent security of information, financial efficiencies and data protection”.


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