Megan Mills - Registered Nurse

Role Description

In PACU we work within a team environment providing constant acute care following a surgical intervention or procedure. This is provided until the patient meets the discharge criteria and is then able to return to their ward / unit.

How long have you been with St George's?

I started at St Georges as a nursing student in PACU mid 2012. I then applied for a position in St George's NETP programme and was accepted. After sitting my registration exam, I returned in January 2013 as a Registered Nurse.

What is your professional background?

After finishing school I worked as a dental assistant for four years. I then spent time looking after my special needs daughter before deciding to study nursing at CPIT. I have now completed the graduate nurse programme at St George's and am looking forward to continuing to develop my nursing career.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

It is a rewarding experience to be part of caring for a patient in the initial stages post surgery. We aim to provide the best possible nursing assessment and management. It is rewarding to see the patient returning to the ward in as comfortable condition as possible.

What role do you believe St George's plays in the local community?

I believe St George's has an iconic status within the local community for providing the highest standards of care. The rich history makes it special and provides a sense of trust among service users. It is well respected for its long standing dedication to obstetric patients.

What is special about the working environment at St George's?

Being a private hospital means staff work closer together and know each other by name. When I began as a student, staff were incredibly welcoming and friendly. I feel very grateful to have an amazing Charge Nurse who offers me a huge amount of encouragement and support to develop skills and confidence and also for the support from management who have provided me with many opportunities to establish my career and further professional development.