Laura Marks - Apprentice Chef

Role description

Preparation of meals for the patients and consultants as well as preparation of Georgio's café meals for staff and visitors. We also cater for a variety of functions at the hospital that can vary in size from five to 500 people.

How long have you been at St George's Hospital?

I started working at St George's at the age of 15 and have now been here for six years. My first role was as a kitchen hand and I am now in my second year as an apprentice chef.

What made you embark on this career?

I started out working in Georgio's café and loved the hands on work. I sort of fell into it and my passion just grew from there.

What personality traits are vital in your role?

The ability to cope with the responsibility of working on your own, good time management and good people skills are all important traits to have in this role.

What is it like working in a hospital environment?

It is a great environment to work in. I love the hours of work and the wide range of opportunities available. For example, I design the menu for the consultant's meals which I really enjoy.

How do the facilities and resources at St George’s complement your role?

The facilities at St George's are fantastic. I consider myself lucky to be able to utilise such a large kitchen. Being a large company means that there are resources at hand that make learning fun and easy. St George's recently sponsored me to participate in the Apprentice of the Year Competition held in Auckland. I was one of eight participants, four were chosen from the South Islands and four from the North Island. This was a wonderful opportunity for me and I really enjoyed the experience.