Kate Turner - Registered Nurse

Role description

Staff Nurse on a surgical ward.

How long have you been with St George's?

I have been at St George's for two years. I came twice as a student and loved the atmosphere and environment so much I wanted to come a third time and work here.

What are the most inspiring aspects of your job?

Watching the patient's journey and seeing the progress patients make. The staff at St George's are very knowledgeable so learning from the experienced senior nurses is fantastic.

How does St George's empower you to be the best you can be?

St George’s thrives on a teamwork approach to working. Support comes from both our Charge Nurse and our nursing colleagues. Our Charge Nurse and senior nurses are incredibly approachable and supportive, giving me the confidence to be a great nurse. St George's encourages further education to broaden our skill base to ensure we are continuing to grow as nurses.

What do you think of the environment and facilities at St George's?

The state of the art facilities at St George’s are fantastic. The modern wards and latest technology help ensure we provide quality care to our patients. St George’s has a culture of caring which promotes a pleasant environment to both work and be a patient in. The nurse to patient ratio means that we can go the extra mile when caring for patients, giving greater job satisfaction.

What are your career goals moving forward?

My career goals include wanting to expand my nursing practice by undertaking additional study in the future.