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Birthing Information

St George's Maternity Centre is an ideal environment for all healthy women planning a normal birth and a more natural, family-centred experience. This includes first time mothers. In partnership with your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) you will make a decision as to the most appropriate place for you to birth.

St George’s Maternity is classified as a primary birthing centre. This means care is provided to women and their babies for:

  • An uncomplicated pregnancy (or have had no major complications in a previous pregnancy)
  • Labour and birth (labour will be spontaneous after 37 weeks gestation and will not be induced or stimulated with medication)
  • Postnatal period

As a primary birthing centre, there are no resident medical staff at St George's Maternity. However should any complications arise, women are very easily transferred to Christchurch Women’s Hospital. St George's Maternity midwives are experienced with normal births and are fully trained with emergency procedures; together with your LMC they facilitate the provision of services that:

  • Are safe and appropriate to you and your baby’s needs
  • Are consistent with standards, evidence-informed guidelines and best practice
  • Support and ensure continuity of care that is based on partnership, information, choice and informed consent

Our midwives have effective collegial working relationships with Lead Maternity Carers and Christchurch Women's Hospital practitioners. We are equipped with IVs, oxygen, medications and infant resuscitation equipment, so if need be emergency care can be started prior to you or your baby's transfer. Your LMC will organise this process.

Information Sheet

  Click here to download our Information Sheet.

Maternity Booking

If you would like to birth or receive postnatal care at St George’s Hospital Maternity Centre please discuss with your LMC who will complete the CDHB maternity booking form with you. Your LMC will forward this information to us, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


A birthing pool is available to use. Water can be soothing and relaxing in labour and birth. Our staff are experienced and comfortable with supporting women who choose to labour and / or have their baby in the birthing pool. Please talk to your LMC about this option.



Please see the virtual tour video on this website.

Our Location

St George's Maternity is located on the second floor of the Hospital.   The entrance is via the Hospital entrance (the Atrium) on Heaton Street.  It is important when your labour commences to notify your LMC, who will then contact the hospital to arrange your admission. The hospital is locked after hours for security reasons.


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