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Transferring to St George’s Maternity for Post Natal Care

Post Natal Care

After your baby is born you can transfer to St George’s Maternity for your post natal care. You can organise your booking with your Lead Maternity Carer. Places are allocated depending on room availability at the time of your transfer and we endeavour to accommodate all our bookings.

Working alongside your LMC we look forward to making your first days with your new-born comfortable and happy. With a dedicated team around you, we will help support you while you get to know your new baby.

Our expert team specialise in guiding a range of parenting skills including breastfeeding or bottle-feeding techniques, settling methods and how to change, bathe and wrap your baby, to name just a few.

Your LMC will coordinate your transfer with Christchurch Women’s Hospital and St George’s Maternity staff. To get to St George’s Maternity please use the main entrance of the hospital off Heaton Street. There is 10-minute parking at the entrance, after which your support person can relocate the car to the onsite car park building. Maternity is located on the 2nd floor of the Hospital and our friendly staff will help direct you to your room.

Should you be transferring between 11pm and 7 am, please use the intercom at the main entrance and staff will assist you to enter the Hospital.

Women usually stay for two nights following their transfer, however if you need or wish to stay for longer, we can discuss this with you.

Additional to the free (CDHB funded) service, St George’s Maternity provides a private offering, which prioritises your place at the Centre for birth and after-care. Please contact us for more details.

In the rare event that complications arise during your stay at St George’s Maternity, your LMC will be contacted and you may be transferred to Christchurch Women’s Hospital. The Centre is fully equipped with emergency equipment, so additional care can start prior to your transfer, should it be required.

We look forward to welcoming you at our Centre. Please contact your LMC should you have any questions about St George’s Maternity or you can phone us on 03 375 6020.


For your safety and wellbeing St George’s Hospital is a smokefree environment.

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