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Cancer Institute

The Institute is a registered charitable trust raising funds to provide cancer care services at St George’s Cancer Care Centre.

The most critical issue facing New Zealand is our ability to treat cancer patients.

The Institute has raised over $7 million to purchase two linear accelerators increasing treatment options for cancer patients in Canterbury by 67% and across the South Island by 33%. Linear accelerators provide life-saving radiation treatment. Currently only six linear accelerators exist in the South Island.

With the purchase of the accelerators, South Island cancer patients will no longer have to wait up to eight weeks or fly to Australia for treatment. Radiation will be available within days of diagnosis. With greater capacity, patients will also receive the optimal number of treatments based on international best practice.

Who are we?

The Trustees of the St George’s Cancer Institute are:

  • Cilla Glasson, Director (Chair) and (Chair of Fundraising Committee)
  • Rob Black, Director
  • Peter Pryor, Director
  • Christopher Weir, Director
  • Kate Gardner, Director and Oncologist
  • Ben Hindson, Director and Oncologist

What are we fundraising for?

Initially all funds raised went towards the purchase of two Elekta Synergy linear accelerators.

The equipment is leased to St George’s Cancer Care through a commercial agreement creating a funding stream for the Institute. Revenue earned will be used to support a range of cancer-related activities such as South Island cancer research, psychosocial support for patients and their families, and subsidised treatment and financial assistance for patients, all under the umbrella of the St George’s Cancer Institute.

As a result of a number of very significant donations from individuals and corporates, together with donations from a large number of supportive donors and fundraising events, the Institute reached its initial $7 million target in April 2014.  The Institute is continuing its fundraising drive for the ongoing purchase of world-class equipment and technology.


Who do I contact?

To make a donation or for more information please contact:

Dawn Hinton
Fundraising Coordinator
St George’s Cancer Institute
C/- St George’s Hospital
Private Bag 4737
Christchurch 8140

phone: +64 3 375 6013

Alternatively you can download and print the following form and send us your donation in confidence.


What Cancers will we treat?

The Institute’s machines will be the latest available worldwide and able to optimally treat a range of cancers.

  • Breast, lung, colorectal, head and neck, prostate, musculoskeletal, lymphoma, skin (melanoma), brain and other cancers can all be treated.
  • Prostrate cancers, head and neck cancers and secondary brain tumours are cancers that we will treat with techniques not currently available in Canterbury.
  • Many patients will be treated with Intensity Modulated Radiation Treatments (IMRT) - which means higher doses to difficult body sites can be managed more safely limiting collateral damage to other body organs.
  • Patients won’t have to travel to the North Island and/or Australia for these specific treatments as they do currently.

What support will be offered?

Cancer treatments should include psychological and social support. At present psychological support is difficult to access in the District Health Board environment. Many patients are concerned that any diagnosis of cancer will be terminal.

  • Psychological programmes to support patients and their families during the cancer journey will be an integral part of treatment and will be provided free to patients and families in need.
  • Financial assistance will be available for families who are suffering hardship by virtue of a family member incapacitated during treatment.
  • The Institute will also fund a volunteer network to assist patients and families of patients with day to day needs.

What research do we propose?

Cancer research is an integral part of cancer treatment. The high tech software associated with the two linear accelerators and the chemotherapy delivery will be the most advanced in New Zealand. The St George’s Cancer Care Centre will be entirely computer based – a first in New Zealand for an Oncology service. Because of this the research potential is huge, as data on specific treatment patterns and results can be easily accessed, collated and analysed.



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