Staying At The Hospital

During your time with us you can expect to receive personalised care within a nurturing and comfortable environment. Highly qualified medical, surgical and nursing staff use the latest technology and innovation to provide exceptional patient care. We will serve you delicious food renowned for its five-star quality and made on site by talented chefs.

When you arrive, please report to Main Reception (Heaton Street entrance) and we will advise you where to go.

Before your procedure your nurse will explain the anticipated journey or ‘pathway’ of your care and the things that you can expect at various stages of your admission.

After your procedure, you may be taken to the Post Anaesthetic Care Unit, and from there you will be transferred to your room. If you are having day surgery, you will be transferred from the Post Anaesthetic Care Unit into the Admitting and Discharge Unit lounge. You will be served refreshments and then go home once you have been assessed as being ready for discharge. Click here for some things you and your family can do to help you stay safe in hospital.


We have single and shared rooms, which are allocated in consideration of clinical need, preference and availability.


Please let us know any dietary or allergy requirements on your admission form and discuss any food requirements with nursing staff when you are admitted. You will receive a menu each day so that you can order the next day’s meals (as applicable). Georgio’s Café is available for visitors and whānau. This is located on the ground floor (open Mon to Fri).

Staying safe from Infection

There are some things you can do before and after surgery to reduce the risk of wound infection. Below is a short video that explains what you and your family can do to prevent an infection developing in your wound. These videos are also available in te reo Māori and Samoan. Watch video here.