Heart Centre @ St George's

Heart Centre @ St George's was set up in 2003 to meet the growing demand for high quality Cardiac Services in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally.

A specialised and highly skilled team, including doctors and other health professionals, has come together with the express purpose of developing and delivering the most advanced cardiothoracic services possible for patients.

St George's Hospital was chosen because of its accredited medical facility close to the city centre and its dedication to excellence with proven quality systems in place.

The Cardiothoracic surgeons are all highly respected with extensive international experience, each with their own distinguished accomplishments. They regularly perform surgery on beating hearts, rather than the traditional method of stopping the heart while they do the surgery. This technique reduces complications and patients recover more quickly than would otherwise be the case.

Other areas of expertise include the surgical management of atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeats) and left ventricular reduction surgery for heart failure. The surgeons are accomplished in thoracic surgery, the surgical management of lung cancer, as well as other diagnostic, therapeutic and thorascopic procedures. They also undertake surgery related to chest wall deformities.

Cardiology Day Unit - Procedures

Cardiac catheterisation (often called coronary angiogram or a cardiac cath) is an x-ray procedure used to examine the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle. The purpose of the test is to obtain information about these arteries, determine if there are any narrowings or blockages, and to define the position and severity of any problems. In some cases heart valve function and the pumping action of the heart is also assessed.

A number of interventional cardiology procedures are also performed at St George's Hospital Cardiology Day Unit. Information sheets for all procedures will be provided to patients at the cardiologists' rooms or in your admission pack. This information will contain details around your admission, procedure and discharge. Whilst most procedures do not require an overnight stay, this is required in some cases. This will be discussed with you by the cardiologist or Cardiology Day Unit staff.

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