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Welcome to St George's Hospital

Combining a history of exceptional service with a culture of innovation, St George’s Hospital is committed to delivering quality healthcare solutions to the people of Canterbury.

From the moment you enter St George's Hospital you will be welcomed and looked after. With modern facilities, the latest technology and highly qualified medical, surgical, nursing and midwifery staff, we are one of the best-equipped private hospitals in Australasia.

Our commitment to your care is second to none. St George's Hospital is an Incorporated Society and a charity. Our vision since the 1920s has been to achieve the highest standards of excellence in every service we offer, serving the people of Canterbury and beyond.

You can choose to recover in comfort - to come to St George's Hospital is the patient's choice. You have the right to select the hospital where you will be treated. When you combine the standards of surgery, nursing care and technology with the outstanding facilities at St George's then there is really no other choice. St George's Hospital is an affiliated provider with Southern Cross Insurance but is also accepted by all medical insurance companies as a certified and accredited hospital.

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St George's CEO and Director of Nursing

Community focused and proud of the role we play in Canterbury’s vibrant history.

Greg Brooks (CEO) and Carol Ferguson (Director of Nursing)

Patient Information

A hospital stay doesn’t have to be stressful or intimidating. We’ll walk you through what you can expect, what you’ll need to bring, and where you’ll need to go so you can feel informed and knowledgeable before your visit.

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Cancer Institute

Our state-of-the-art Cancer Care Centre is home to the latest technology and a team of some of the country’s most experienced Oncologists and support staff, working together to deliver exceptional patient care.

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Latest News

Stay up-to-date with all the latest news from St George’s Hospital. As an active member of our community we’re committed to keeping you informed and educated when it comes to developments, break-throughs and trends.

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